Following our recent trip, the slab stone streets of Pompeii are still on our minds as well as the rural beauty of southern France. Archeologists and researchers labor, gingerly, to disclose the cultures and colors for our appreciation.

We were privileged to visit these regions this fall. You can tell we still savor the memories and hues. In the studio, we strive to blend the rich greens and sky blues with the rusts of antiquity.

It’s as if these art elements have visions of their own. Exploring these expressions is therapeutic, teaching us to invite surprise, to outlast hesitation, to let boldness cavort with serenity.

Let us know what you think.

Debra Howell


The beauty of the North Carolina is close to my heart. I grew up in Asheville. My brothers and I spent endless hours exploring the woods bordering Warren Wilson College. I still enjoy the simple pleasure of photographing the newborn farm animals. I’m fickle: my favorite animal is the one in front my camera lens.

Richard Howell with camera


Acrylic, alcohol/ink, as well as encaustic creations fascinate us. Generally, we begin with a dreamscape or image in mind, but then often get ambushed wonderfully by the go-flow of hot wax and flooding color. The camera lens, on the other hand, is like my microscope from dental school days. I enjoy focusing in on humanity, capturing a moment of contemplation, joy, or wonder. Photography clutches the now for later release as history’s gift — perspective.